Brenham Cemeteries

B/Nai Abraham
Brenham Masonic
Calvary Catholic (part of St Mary’s)
Camptown (AA)
Devine Mercy Catholic (part of St Mary’s)
HIC (AA), aka Precious Memories
Prairie Hill incl w/Prairie Lea
Prairie Lea (29.3acres)
St. Mary’s Catholic Cem
St. Peter’s Episcopal Ch
Willow Grove (AA)

2 thoughts on “Brenham Cemeteries”

  1. Efforts underway to complete application for Texas Historical Cemetery marker for this historic old cemetery. Need help with clarification of deed to burial site, and other related guidelines specifications.

  2. I am wondering if there is a member of your organization who I could retain to search all Washington County records for an individual who I believe died there in the year 1897 and had ties to a Washington County resident?

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