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Latitude 30º 07' 27"— Longitude 96º 31' 08"

Located along 7200 Boehnemann Rd.  

The Bethlehem Cemetery is maintained as two separate cemetery sites with a common name. [The first is of early Anglo-Saxon/German-American settlers. Site is inactive but well maintained.] [The second is used by the African-American community. Site continues current usage and is well maintained]

The following text is from the Historical Marker application, written circa 1991.

Bethlehem Cemetery in south Washington County, Texas, is a cemetery containing persons and their family members who were among the very first Anglo-American settlers to Stephen F. Austin’s colony, the “old three hundred”. The Allcorn (sometimes spelled Alcorn) family, who have family members in this cemetery, were the second Anglo family to arrive in present Washington County spending the last night of 1821 by a creek they subsequently named with dawn, “New Year’s Creek”.(1) Bethlehem Cemetery is located on five and three-fourths acres of the original Josiah Lester League in Washington County, a headright league granted to Lester by the Mexican government and later conveyed by him to Erwin Brown. It was Erwin Brown , in turn, who conveyed the five and three-fourths acre parcel on August 13, 1851, to the trustees of the Bethlehem Academy for the purpose of a settlement school and house of worship for the Baptist and Methodist denominations. The first trustees receiving the deed were James C. Crenshaw, James Lane, Leander Burns, Willis Johnson, and I. M. Harris.(2)

     The site soon also became a “burial place for the neighborhood”, as cited in an officially recorded agreement signed April 14, 1873, between the Bethlehem trustees and one J. E. Gray for erecting a fence around the cemetery. Trustees were then A. Sauls? (unclear), J. H. Allcorn, S. D. Carrothers, and Jas. R. Allcorn.(3)

     The first burial for which there is an extant marker was that of Susan J. Burdett, age 39, who died in 1852 (though Henry Burdett, age about 65, may have died earlier; his tombstone gives only his age and not date of death).

     Other early burials with extant markers were Nancy Burdett (Henry’s wife), who died in 1857 at age 72; Mary Houchin, who died in 1855 at age 57; Gesse Fincher, who died in 1857 at age of 35; and the infant Rufus Mallet, who died in 1859.

     By the time the fence contract had been awarded to Mr. Gray in 1873, at least 13 marked graves which still exist were added and probably a large number that were unmarked or have since deteriorated were there. Extant markers show six persons in the cemetery who were born in the 1700’s, Nancy Burdett being the first, born in 1785 before the constitution of the United States was adopted. Five persons were born between 1800-1820, who were born before the Republic of Texas was created; eight were born before the Civil War.

     Names that appear in the older section of the cemetery include those of Allcorn, Armstrong, Arnett, Awalt, Barnhill, Beckermann, Benker, Bowers, Bernshausen, Brinkmann, Burdett, Carothers, Crenshaw, Dempsey, Doerntge, Fincher, Green, Hopf, Houchin, Jeurges, Jurries, Klatt, Light, McKenzie, Mallet, Nunn, Peters, Rost, Sanders, Simms, Smith, Valenta, Waltz, Wendt, Wheeles, and Woods. Many of these older names are easily recognizable as early Anglo-American settler types of English names, while others came with the second wave of immigration, the central Europeans. The Caruthers (sic) family and the Woods families were on the first (1837) tax roll of Washington County. The Houchin's were there by 1837. Thomas Nunn came from Georgia to the Republic of Texas before 1842 (probably 1840). William Barnhill came by 1833.(4) As cited earlier, Elijah Allcorn and his family group were the earliest of settlers in the area: his grandson, John Hodge Allcorn, is buried in the cemetery.(5)   Elijah himself was no stranger in the community, as shown by his appearance on the probate records of Berry Humphries, a resident of the community, to whom Elijah owed a note of $73.75 at the time of Humphries’ death June 21, 1861.(6)  

     The following persons who are buried in the cemetery appear on the 1860 census just prior to the Civil War: Martin Armstrong, Samuel Arnett, John Allcorn, Silvia Armstrong, Jackson Barnhill, Mary Barnhill, and Thomas Nunn. Berry Humphries and his wife Amanda, also on that census, are believed buried next to their friend and business associate Thomas Nunn: A handmade stone with the letters “B. H. H.” has recently been raised there from its sunken state. (7) Humphries, probably like many of his neighbors, participated in the Somervell Campaign of 1842, for which he received a Republic of Texas check in the amount of $45.00.(8)

     Several other family names on the census appear in the cemetery: Bowers, Green, Carothers, Crenshaw, Fincher, Addison, Burdett (son of Henry Burdett and brother to Susan Burdett, buried in the cemetery), Simms, Mallets, and Woods. Little Rufus Mallets, one of the earliest burials with an extant headstone, appears on the 1860 mortality census (1859 deaths): he died of the “flux” in November, 1859, at the age of one. Also on that mortality census were members of the Armstrong, Crenshaw, Barnhill, Woods, Bowers and Sanders families--- most of them infants, who may have been buried without headstones in many cases. It is a sad commentary on the infant mortality rate of the day to read that census.(7)  

     One recent addition to the list of old markers is a homemade tombstone hand lettered “Jim 1866”. Whoever Jim was, he did not survive the Civil War by much. This stone was also dug from its near sunken state.

     Many of these early settlers came to Texas by the southern migration route that began in Virginia and went steadily southward through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and other newer and lower southern pioneer states. The Allcorn's, Burdett's, Carothers, Humphries, and Nunn's came most recently from Georgia; the Armstrong's from the Carolinas; the Sanders from Alabama; but like the Simms, nearly all of them had multiple southern state origins within their families.(7)  

     Many of these families intermarried, as might be expected in a lonely and relatively isolated colony group. Martin Armstrong was married to Julia A. Simms Feb. 13, 1858; A. Carothers married Martha Burdett Feb. 12, 1850; A. J. Barnhill married Margaret I. Houchin Dec 23, 1852. Mary Houchin is listed on her tombstone as the “consort of John Houchin”. She died Nov. 5, 1855, at the age of 57 years and was probably the mother of Margaret I., who married A. J. Barnhill.

     From the marriage records, whole patterns of kinship in the cemetery can be established. The Armstrong’s, Wood's, and Simms intermarried, as did the Simms also with the Arnett’s and Burdett’s. The Burdett’s married Carothers and Fincher's also, and the Carothers were related to the Crenshaw’s.

     The persons in this cemetery were a tight-knit group who intermarried and depended upon each other in close kinship units until many fanned out later into newer territory again.(9)

     Evidence that many families moved on is available in infant graves with no surrounding family and predominance later of middle European-style names in the newer part of the cemetery.

     Bethlehem Cemetery is now a beautiful, spacious, old (and new) cemetery, located on the very top of a high rolling hill that overlooks the Mill Creek valley, home to the earliest of the Anglo-Texans settlers.

     Some of these earliest of settlers belonged within one lifetime to the Republic of Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America—and some a second time to the United States of America. John Hodge Allcorn is the only person in the cemetery whose grave is decorated with the “CSA” designation, though a number of others probably served in the Confederate armies. His descendants made it very clear that he served: he belonged to “Company F, the 21st regiment of the Texas Cavalry, the Confederate States Army”.

     Today the cemetery is in a remarkably attractive condition. Several plots are enclosed still by their original wrought iron fences, standing guard after all these years. The feeling of the cemetery is one of quiet, rural peace and endurance.

     The cemetery was restored by a group of citizens banded together at nearby Greenvine Lutheran Church March 6, 1988. Donations were taken at this first meeting and one man hired to rid the site of the major obstructions. Then citizens literally lined up shoulder to shoulder and cut their way into the jungle with chain saws. A couple of years prior to that some persons crawling through the brambles, briars, and brush, and snake holes, seeking an ancestor’s tombstone, were trapped and got out only by tearing up clothes and skin—the older part of the cemetery had gotten to that state. After the chain saw crews’ attack, men, women and children followed up against the brush, weeds, and trash, carefully working around the old tombstones and iron fences. Anyone viewing the cemetery today will have a hard time imagining what it was like three years ago.

     The Bethlehem Cemetery group makes this application to the state of Texas for a historical marker for following reasons: this is, no doubt one of the more historical cemeteries of the state, both for its location and for the pioneers buried in it; these pioneers gave so much to the Republic and to the state that they are deserving of respect and perpetual remembrance; and a historical marker will contribute toward protecting this site from future neglect and any future vandalism.

     Present day and future citizens need to know who built this state and where its origins lie; and they need occasionally to stop and visit these peoples graves in this lovely place. Bethlehem Cemetery is today part of what remains of colonial Texas.

(1) Ray, Worth S., Austin Colony Pioneers. Published by Worth S. Ray, Box 111, Austin, Texas, 1949. (Available in the State of Texas Library, Austin Texas.)

(2) Deed of Erwin Brown to Trustees of the Bethlehem Academy, filed in Washington County, Texas, August 13, 1851.

(3) Legal agreement between J. E. Gray and trustees of the Bethlehem Tract of Land, recorded in Washington County, Texas, April 14, 1873.

(4) Tax rolls of Washington County, Texas.

(5) The relationship of John Hodge Allcorn to Elijah Allcorn is established by R. A. Waltz, himself a direct descendant of Elijah Allcorn and one of the members presently restoring the cemetery.

(6) The estate (probate) papers of Berry Humphries (DOD June 21, 1861) on file in the Washington County Courthouse, Brenham, Texas.

(7) The 1860 census of the United States of America.

(8) Republic of Texas Public Debt 2nd Class “B” Certificate #5264, on file in the General Land Office of the State of Texas.

(9) Marriage records of Washington County, Texas.

Reference made to data on cemetery stones are taken directly from the stones themselves.


The Bethlehem Cemetery is an irregular shaped cemetery that was originally separated by a barbed wire fence.

Several remaining fence posts and a row of cedar trees continue to separate the historical Anglo/German-American and the African-American cemeteries.

Following are two burial lists.

The first "Bethlehem Cemetery - Anglo/German-American".

The second "Bethlehem Cemetery – African-American".


BETHLEHEM CEMETERY - Anglo/German American   [2006]

Latitude 30º 07' 27" -   Longitude 96º 31' 08"


In the following burial lists, if names are followed by the words “no dates or marker”, the information was obtained from family records, church records, or from Washington County Death Records.                                                                                                             


, Jim, 1866 (fieldstone marker ).   

A., J. T., (fieldstone marker, no name, no dates).  

A., M. T., (fieldstone marker, no name, no dates). 

Ahlhardt, Infant, b. and d. circa 1923, son of George, Sr. & Olga (Bernshausen) Ahlhardt.  

Alcorn, Eugene Cullen, b. Sep 19, 1887, d. Jul 28, 1929, Never married, son of John Hodge & Sallie Howard (Young) Alcorn.         

Alcorn, Jessie, (no dates).                                                                                                                                                                   

Alcorn, John Hodge, b. 1845, d. 1910, Texas Pvt. Co. F 21st Rgt. TX Cav., Confederate States Army, husband of Sallie Howard (Young) Alcorn, son of John Hodge & Elizabeth Adaline (Capel) Alcorn, grandson of Elijah Allcorn.                                                                                                                       

Alcorn, Marvin B., b. Nov 1880, d. Jun 21, 1937, husband of Mary (Woods) Alcorn, son of John & Sallie Howard (Young) Alcorn.                                             

Alcorn, Sallie Howard (Young), b. Nov 6, 1850, d. Sep 4, 1936, wife of John Hodge Alcorn, daughter of John & Caroline (Doss) Young.                                              

Armstrong, John, b. May 2, 1800 in Ansen Co., N. Carolina, d. Sep 3, 1870, husband of Silvia Armstrong, born United to the primitive Baptists in 1836.

            served as deacon up to the time of his death.                                                                                     

Armstrong, K. H., b. Jul 16, 1836, d. Jun 25, 1890.                                                                                                                                       

Armstrong, Martin, b. Jun 3, 1826, d. Mar 12, 1895.  

Armstrong, Silvia, b. Jul 1, 1804 in Greenville, SC, d. Nov 7, 1883, wife of John Armstrong.

Arnett, Samuel, b. Jan 10, 1833, d. Jun 22, 1890, husband of Eliza M. (Simms) Arnett. [Eliza is sister to Sallie (Simms) Awalt.]

Arsenault, Helen Marie, b. 1941, d. 1971. 'Mother'.                                                                                                                                                   

Awalt, Sam Arnett, b. Nov 3, 1881, d. Dec 24, 1881, infant son of George Pairham & Sallie (Simms) Awalt, grandson of Jacob Posey & Marinda Emmoline             (Quinn) Awalt.                                                                                    

B., H., (Fieldstone marker, no name, no dates).                                                                                                                      

Barnhill, A. J., b. circa 1819, d. Aug 12, 1906, age 87 years, husband of Margaret I. (Houchin) Barnhill.                                                                 

Barnhill, Mary M., b. circa 1854, d. Aug 8, 1924, age 70 years.                                                                                                                                 

Beckermann, Anna (Laukeman), b. Feb 11, 1861, d. Aug 19, 1919, wife of Bernhard Beckermann.                                                

Beckermann, Baby, b. and d. May 20, 1897, daughter of Bernhard & Anna (Laukeman) Beckermann.

Beckermann, Bernhard Johann, b. Oct 1, 1844, in Nierstedt, Oldenburg, Germany, d. Feb 1, 1901, husband of Anna (Laukeman) Beckermann.      

Benker, Heinrich, b. Jan 25, 1823 in Haldem, Westphalen, Germany, d. Jul 2, 1889.                                                                                    

Bowers, Martha E. b. Jun 15, 1888, d. Jan 15, 1889, daughter of M. L. and L. E. Bowers.                                                                           

Brenshausen, Mina, b. Nov 5, 1912, d. Apr 8, 1913.

Brinkmann, Caroline, Mrs., b. Apr 18, 1832, d. Dec 28, 1915.          

Brinkmann, Fritz, b. 1837, d. 1899.                                                                                                                                                                            

Burdett, Addison, b. about 1818, d. 1864, husband of Lucinda Fincher Burdett, son of Henry & Nancy (Clark)Burdett, father of Addison Burdett.                             

Burdett, Henry, b. (no date) d. May 29, 1853, age about 65 years, husband of Nancy Burdett, son of Frederick & Mary Ann (Bramlet) Burdett.                                   

Burdett, Nancy (Clark), b. 1785, d. 1864, age about 72 years, wife of Henry Burdett, daughter of Thomas & Priscilla (Doyle) Clark.                                     

Burdett, Susan J., b. (no date), d. 1854, daughter of Henry & Nancy (Clark) Burdett, sister of Addison Burdett.      

Carothers, Lillie E., b. Jan 14, 1879, d. Nov 6, 1880.                                                 

Carothers, Nellie G., b. Nov 2, 1877, d. Oct 27, 1880, 'Our First and Dearly Loved'.            

Crenshaw S. A., b. Feb 27, 1849, d. Sep 22, 1880, wife of W. T. Crenshaw.                        

Dempsey, Louise (Matzek), b. Dec 20, 1873, d. Aug 31,1918, wife of James Dempsey, daughter of Frank Matzek.           

Dempsey, Mary Jane, b. Jun 6, 1871, d. Apr 23, 1939, wife of J. L. Dempsey, daughter of Joe & Nancy (Foulden) Dempsey.                                           

Dies, Henry, (no dates).                                                                                                                                  

Dies, Sophie Margaret (Sipel), (no dates).                                                                                                       

Doerntge, August, b. Sep 6, 1862, d. Sep 7, 1944, son of Henry & Christiana (Voss) Doerntge.                                                                   

Doerntge, Christina, b. May 19, 1833, d. Oct 6, 1913.                                                                                   

Doerntge, Heinrich, b. Mar 12, 1827, d. Aug 30, 1896.                                                                                  

Dorntge, Heinrich, b. Jul 30, 1865, d. Dec 27, 1892. 

E., S., (Fieldstone marker, initial S. E., no name, no dates).                                                                            

F., W., (Fieldstone marker, initial W. F., no name, no dates).                                                             

Fincher, Bessie, b. Nov 24, 1876, d. Dec 2, 1876, daughter of J. G. and R. L. Fincher.        

Fincher, Gesse F., b. Sep 22, 1822, d. Dec 26, 1857, age 35 years, 3 months, 4 days.                                               

Green, Baby, [no dates] (Fieldstone Marker).                                                                                     

Green, Baby Boy, [no dates] (Fieldstone Marker).                                                                                          

Green, Baby Girl, [no dates] (Fieldstone Marker).                                                                                          

Green, Emma Mary (Baade), b. Nov 1, 1877, d. Feb 1, 1938, age 61 years, daughter of Chris & Annie (Barnhill) Baade.                        

Green, James Henry, (no dates or marker).

Green, L. E., (no dates), age 90 years.

Green, L., Mrs. E. (Mays), b. (no date), d. Apr 18, 1926.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87430549

Green, L. Z., b. Mar 1873, d. May 1939.        

Green, Laura, (no dates).                                                                                            

Green, Linza, b. Mar 27, 1872, d. Mar 12, 1941, Mill Creek Texas, daughter of Simpson Green.                                                                                                      

Green, Linzy Gilbert, b. Aug 14, 1909, d. Sep 24, 1933, daughter of Lindsey & Emma (Baade) Green.                                                                   

Green, Lula, b. Apr 16, 1901, d. Apr 25, 1952, daughter of Lindsey & Emma (Baade) Green.         

Green, Margaret, b. circa 1834, d. April 16, 1916, age 82 years.                                                                                            

Green, Wallas Aug., b. Aug 30, 1921, d. Mar 22, 1923, son of L. B. & Emma (Bade) Green.                       

H. H., (Fieldstone marker, no name), 1866.                                                                                        

Hazlewood, J. F., b. Apr 3, 1827, d. Mar 7, 1860.                                                                              

Heins, Edwin, (no dates), infant son of Louis and Henrietta (Klump) Heins, (no marker).     

Hopf, Ewald, b. Feb 1, 1891, d. Jul 9, 1895, son of Herman N. Hopf, (no marker).  

Hopf, Infant, b. Oct 7, 1894, d. Oct 10, 1894, child of Herman N. Hopf, (    no marker).     

Hopf, Hermann N., b. Oct 6, 1860, d. Sep 15, 1901.                                                             

Houchin, Mary, b. Dec 15, 1797, d. Nov 5, 1855, age 57 years, 10 months, 20 days, consort of John Houchin.      

Jeurges, Herman, b. Jun 6, 1865, d. Aug 13, 1919, husband of Martha (Diess) [Schmeltekoph] Jeurges.                  

Jones, B. F., (Fieldstone marker only).                                                                                                           

Jones, S. E., (fieldstone marker only).                                                                                                

Jones, W. F., (Fieldstone marker only).          

Jurries, Albert, Jr., b. (no date), d. Sep 6, 1933, son of Albert & Alma (Valenta) Jurries.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87430664                                                       

Jurries, August, b. Aug 3, 1854, d. Jul 8, 1933.          

Jurries, Benjamin Friedrich August, b. Jul 28, 1909, d. Oct 29, 1911, son of Albert & Marie (Kraemer) Jurries. Find A Grave Memorial# 87430760

Jurries, Bennie, b. 1908, d. 1912. Find A Grave Memorial# 87430823, photo.

Jurries, Henry, b. Oct 24, 1856, d. Apr 23, 1942, husband of Minna (Doerntge) Jurries.                   

Jurries, Infant, born and died Jun 7, 1912, child of Heinrich & Emma (Ottmer) Jurries.        

Jurries, Mary, b. Jan 9, 1888, d. Nov 14, 1915.           Find A Grave Memorial# 87430908.

Jurries, Minna (Doerntge), b. Nov 5, 1860, d. Apr 7, 1913, wife of Henry Jurries.    

Jurries, Robert Calvin, b. Mar 4, 1925, d. Mar 9, 1925, son of Robert & Rosa (Ripple) Jurries. Find A Grave Memorial# 87430996, photo.

Klatt, Wilhelm, b. Feb 8, 1837, d. Apr 23, 1905, husband of Wilhelmine Klatt.                                

Klatt, Wilhelmine, b. May 19, 1843, in Posen, d. Jun 25, 1916, wife of Wilhelm Klatt. Find A Grave Memorial# 87449419.                  

Klump, August, b.1827, Oldenberg, Germany, d.1930, husband of Anna (Fahrenkamp) Klump.                  

L., A. E., (fieldstone marker, no name) d. 1910.                                                                                            

Lange, Herman Gilbert, b. Jun 3, 1904, d. Dec 13, 1904, son of L. Lange, (no marker).                   

Lesemann, Mary Elisabeth, b. Aug 29, 1926, d. Sep 28, 1926, daughter of Jonas & Dora (Schulte) Lesemann. Find A Grave Memorial# 87449650.

Light, Corrine D., b. Apr 28, 1928, d. Mar 3, 1929, daughter of Harry & Celia (Baron) Light.          

Light, John Nelson, b. Aug 17, 1853, d. Jul 30, 1938, husband of Lela Light, son of Alfred Benny & Almeda (Ogle) Light.                                      

Light, Lela A. (Turner), b. Apr 11, 1860, d. Feb 22, 1940, wife of John N. Light, daughter of Marion Turner.                                             

Light, Ola M. b. Mar 8, 1902, d. Jan 23, 1903.                                                                                   

Mallett, Rufus Smith, b. Nov 11, 1858, d. Nov 20, 1859, age 1 year., 9 days, son of Wm. S. & Frances H. Mallett.           

McKenzie, Anah (Lott), b. 1866, d. Jul 3,1931, wife of Gibson McKenzie, daughter of Ed & Francis Lott.                                                              

McKenzie, Gibson, b. 1856, d. 1934, husband of Anah McKenzie.                                                               

Nunn, Hughie E. b. Feb 18, 1951, d. Oct 2, 1971, son of Hughie Earl, Sr., & Estelle (Mekolik) Nunn.

Nunn, James Fedrick., b. Feb 19, 1896, d. Jul 21, 1970, Tx Pvt. U.S. Army, WW I, son of A. & Martha (Baker) Nunn.                       

Nunn, Mary O., b. Nov 8, 1896, d. Oct 14, 1966, daughter of Gibson & Anah (Lott) McKenzie.                                                                              

Nunn, Thomas, b. Apr 27, 1790, d. Jul 27, 1874.                                                                                          

Peters, Herman Friedrich Karl, b. Mar 13, 1896, d. Nov 9, 1899, son of Gustav & Sophie (Fiesler) Peters.  

Peters, Infant, b. and d. Oct 9, 1894, daughter of Gustav & Sophie (Fiesler) Peters.  

Pittman, Minnie, b. 1937, d. 1990, wife of Warlick Pittman.                                                                          

Pittman, Warlick , b. no date, d. 1994 (cremated), husband of Minnie Pittman.                                                         

R., H., (Fieldstone marker, no name, no dates).                                                                                              

Rogers, Elick, Jr., b. Dec 23, 1934, d. Oct 12, 1941, son of Elick & Myrtle (Gummelt) Rogers.        

Rost, Lydia (Jurries), b. 1883, d. 1927, wife of Wm. Rost, daughter of Henry & Minnie (Doerntge) Jurries.                                                                         

Rupkey, Eunice Lucille (Nunn), b. Jun 7, 1921, d. Jul 3, 1976, daughter of James F, Sr., & Mary Ollie (McKenzie) Nunn.                                                             

Sanders, Lydia J. W. (Armstrong), b. Jul 16, 1838 in Marion Co. Alabama, d. May 18, 1863, emigrated to Texas in 1850,   consort of W. B. Sanders, daughter of             John and Silvy Armstrong.                                                                 

Simms, Elvira (Mills), b. Jan 9, 1820, d. Oct 7, 1870, age 50 years, 8 months, 28 days, wife of Robert Y. Simms.               

Simms, Robert Y., b. Apr 14, 1820, d. Mar 29, 1889, husband of Elvira (Mills) Simms.                              

Sims, Ella (Green), b. Jul 27, 1904, d. Oct 20, 2002. wife of Willie J. Sims.                                      

Smith, John D., b. Apr 5, 1827, d. Jul 27, 1860, age 33 years, 3 months, 22 days, son of Farquard & Sally S. Smith.           

Stark, Hermann Emil, b. Jan 12, 1857, d. Dec 22, 1901, never married, (no marker).

T., E., (fieldstone marker, initial E T, no name or dates).                                                                                

T., J. H., (fieldstone marker, initial J H T, no name or dates).                                                             

Valenta, Ernest V., b. Nov 19, 1897, d. Dec 13, 1925, son of John & ? (Vinnacki) Valenta.                                                             

Valenta, John F, b. Feb 25, 1854, d. Jun 13, 1933, husband of Veronika (Machacek) Valenta, son of Frank Valenta.           

Valenta, Veronika (Machacek), b. Mar 3, 1864, d. Jan 3, 1929, wife of John F. Valenta, daughter of John Machacek.           

Valenta, Vladmir L., b. Apr 28, 1896, d. Jan 11, 1970, Texas Pfc. US Army, WW I, son of John F. & Veronika (Machacek) Valenta.                                       

W., D.W., (fieldstone marker, initial W D W, no name or dates).                                                                   

Waltz, Infant, b. Aug 28, 1908, d. Oct 30, 1908, son of Albert & Carrie (Carothers) Waltz.  

Waltz, Tom, b. Mar 8, 1900, d. Oct 20, 1900, son of Albert & Carrie (Carothers) Waltz.                  

Wendt, George, b. May 15, 1896, d. Apr 14, 1897, son of Wm. & Dora (Klanke) Wendt.                

Wendt, Lafayette, b. Feb 22, 1898, d. Jul 27, 1898, son of William & Dora (Klanke) Wendt.          

Wheeles, J. N., b. Aug 22, 1833, d. Sep 5, 1894, husband of Lillian (Campbell) Wheeles.    

Winkley, Lillian E., b. Sep 11, 1905, d. Apr 19, 1980.                                                                                                                       

Woods, Andrew, b. Dec 11, 1797, d. Jul 17, 1876.                                                                            

Woods, Eddie Adaline, b. & d. Jul 17, 1862, daughter of Thos. E. & M. G. Woods.                                     

Woods, Edward W., b. Jan 19, 1867, d. Jun 14, 1881, son of William R. & Lucinda E. (Burdett) Woods.                                                    

Woods, Lola May, b. Jun 24, 1902, d. Aug 15, 1902, daughter of Lee & Mary (Sims) Woods.                                                                                 

Woods, Margaret C., b. Sep 18, 1832, d. Oct 8, 1862, age 30 years, 1 month, 20 days.                                             

Woods, Marthie, b. Sep 9, 1842, d. Dec 12, 1899.                                                                 

Woods, Mary, b. circa 1798, d. Sep 24, 1873, age 75 years. Find A Grave Memorial# 87449737.

Woods, Mary Lee, b. & d. Jun 7, 1875, infant daughter of Thos. E. & W. A. Woods.                                   



BETHLEHEM CEMETERY - African American [2007]

Latitude 30º 07' 28" - Longitude 96º 31' 08"



[NOTE: Where the note “ no dates or marker” follows a listed name , it indicates the name was obtained from either family records, or church records, but no dates were available.]


Atkinson, Amanda, b. (no date), d. Jul 3, 1932, daughter of Joe Atkinson and Matilda Nunn.

Atkinson, Bertha Mae, (no dates or marker).                                                                                                              

Atkinson, Joseph Roston, b. Nov 14, 1902, d. Jan 9, 1959, Texas Pfc, U.S. Army, WWII, husband of Martha Atkinson, son of W. M & Mary (Ross) Atkinson.

Atkinson, Martha, b. 1886 or 1888, d. Nov 20, 1972, daughter of Joe & Matilda (Nunn) Atkinson.                                                            

Atkinson, Mary, (no dates or marker).

Atkinson, Matilda, b. circa 1858, d. Oct 11, 1925.                                                                                        

Atkinson, Missy, (no dates or marker).           

Atkinson, Mollie, (no dates or marker).                                                                                                          

Atkinson, R. C., b. Mar 4, 1919, d. Mar 24, 1998.

Atkinson, William, b. (no date), d. Mar 15, 1932, son of Joe & Matilda (Nunn) Atkinson.                                                                            

Bailey, Henry, b. Feb 1938, d. Oct 1979.                                                                

Baily, Jimmie (Hewitt), b. Jan 10, 1909, d. Aug 14, 1929, daughter of Jim & Martha (Petty) Hewitt.

Barnes, Estella (Carter), b. Feb 4, 1897, d. Jan 21, 1971, daughter of Sam Carter.                                                                             

Barnes, Sister, (no dates or marker).

Batts, Buck, b. 1834, d. Sep 12, 1929, age about 95 years.                                                    

Batts, Mattie, b. May 15, 1868, d. Jul 23, 1941, daughter of Buck & Mahilia Batts.                                                             

Been, Edna (Jacobs), b. circa 1840, d. Jan 26, 1930, wife of Peter, daughter of Junius & Delila (Hoxey) Jacobs.

Been, Peter, b. Jun 4, 1866, d. Jun 16, 1930, son of Peter Been, Sr.                                                  

Brooks, William, b. Nov 13, 1932, d. Jan 12, 1933, son of Isadella Brooks.

Brown, Robert, b. (no date), d. Jan 18, 1931.                                                                                                             

Burkes, Nelly (Hicks), b. circa 1893, d. Jul 7, 1925, daughter of Ned & Nancy (Dawson) Hicks.                                                                                                     

Burks, J. T., b. May 30, 1910, d. May 11, 1944, son of Tom & Nelly (Hicks) Burks.

Burks, Tom, b. Mar 14, 1875, d. Sep 23, 1944.                                                                                                          

Chapel/Chappell, Gilbert, b. Apr 20, 1920, d. Mar 17, 1935, son of Butler & Missouri (Thomas) Chappell, step-father was Richard Davis.

Dockery, Georgia (McGrew), b. Feb 15, 1867, d. Nov 22, 1940, daughter of Malcolm & Matilda (Conning) McGrew.                                                                       

Dorsey, Pinkie (Wilson), b. Mar 17, 1909, d. Jul 8, 2000.                                                                              

Dorsey, Pinkie L., b. Mar 11, 2000, d. Jul 9, 2000.                                                                            

Edmond, August, b. Jan 29, 1914, d. Dec 24, 1981, son of George & Irene (Dawson) Edmond.                                                                                                       

Edmond, Clifford C. "Butsey", b. Mar 3, 1903, d. Jun 13, 1974, PFC, US Army, son of George & Irene (Dawson) Edmond.                                 

Edmond, Eggie, (no dates or marker).                                                                                                 

Edmond, Erma Lee, b. May 26, 1924, d. May 24, 1947, daughter of Major & Martha (Ray) Edmond.

Edmond, George, (no dates or marker).                                                                                              

Edmond, Irene (Dawson), b. circa 1873, d. Jan 19, 1958, daughter of Henry & Irene Dawson.                                                                                                        

Edmond, James, b. Feb 13, 1922, d. Jan 12, 1946, Texas I, Cl. 384 AAF Aviation Sq., son of Major & Martha (Ray) Edmonds. Find A Grave Memorial#   87093466.      

Edmond, Major Sr., b. Mar 31, 1880, d. Mar 6, 1961, son of George & Mary Edmonds.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87094077.                                                      

Edmond, Mance, (no dates or marker).            Find A Grave Memorial# 87094109.                                                                                      

Edmond, Martha (Ray), b. Jul 1, 1889, d. Mar 24, 1951, daughter of Dave & Emelin (Roberts) Ray. FAG # 87094135.                                   

Edmond, Nitter, (no dates or marker).Find A Grave Memorial# 87094254.                                                                                      

Edmond, Pip, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094281.

Edmond, Woman, (no dates or marker).          Find A Grave Memorial# 87094401.                                                                                     

Edmonds, Reaubern, b. Apr 23, 1912, d. Apr 5, 1948, daughter of George & Irene (Dawson) Edmonds. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094433.

Edouard, Dora M. (McGregor), b. May 5, 1939, d. Nov 4, 1990.       Find A Grave Memorial# 87094465.                                     

Edwards, Little Johnathan Bea, b. May 3, 1972, d. Nov 29, 1974, son of Leelester & Johnnie Mae (Ford) Edwards. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094502.

Fitch, Armstead, b. Jan 12, 1849, d. Jun 26, 1924, son of Armstead Fitch, Sr. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094539.

Fitch, John, b. Feb 1883, d. Mar 11, 1952, son of Armstead & Margaret (Brooks) Fitch. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094572.

Ford, Andy, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094589.                                                                                           

Ford, Jane (Mango), b. Jan 2, 1881, d. Feb 6, 1960, daughter of Saul & Lollie Mango. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094622.                                                      

Ford, Johnnie, b. June 1, 1910, d. May 3, 1954, son of Andy & Jane (Minges) Ford. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094645.                                                                  

Ford, Robbie Mae, (no dates or marker).         Find A Grave Memorial# 87094670.                                                                                    

Gentry, ? rell, b. May 21, 1957, d. Oct 31, 1998.       Find A Grave Memorial# 87094705.                                                                        

Gentry, Aggie, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094723.

Gentry, C. W., (no dates or marker).    Find A Grave Memorial# 87094748.                                                                                      

Gentry, Charles William, b. 1931, d. 1989, US Army.Find A Grave Memorial# 87094760.                                                              

Gentry, Chester, (no dates or marker).Find A Grave Memorial# 87094772.                                                                                      

Gentry, Chester Lee, b. Jul 2, 1938, d. Feb 8, 1997. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094794.

Gentry, Edgar, b. 1909, d. Oct 28, 1954, son of Jim & Mattie (Jackson) Gentry.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87094823.                                                                  

Gentry, Eggie, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094834      .

Gentry, Halley, Sr., b. May 20, 1905, d. Dec 26, 1993.           Find A Grave Memorial# 87094852.                                                              

Gentry, Jim, b. circa 1882, d. Mar 28, 1926. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094876     .                                                                                  

Gentry, Mattie Lee, b. Apr 2, 1935, d. Dec 13, 1994. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094905.

Gentry, Ollie H., Sr., b. Dec 6, 1928, d. May 27, 2007. Find A Grave Memorial# 87096269.

Gentry, Oscar Lee, b. Mar 7, 1934, d. Feb 24, 1998. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094929.                                                                                      

Gentry, Woodrow, b. 1919, d. 1984. Find A Grave Memorial# 87094947.                                                                                                               

Grant, Early, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094968.                                                                                                                  

Grant, Mary, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87094988.

Green, Alfred Tom, b. Nov 4, 1923, d. Dec 5, 2011.

Green, Hattie (Jackson), b. Jun 9, 1886, d. Aug 6, 1958, daughter of Jimmie & Janid (Jones) Jackson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87098159.

Green, Terry, b. 1965, d. Sep 19, 2007. Find A Grave Memorial # 87096586.

Guyton, Fate, Jr., b. 1925, d. Jul 8, 1927, son of Fate, Sr., and Eula (McGregor) Guyton.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87095156.                                                      

Hall, Jerry, b. Dec 25, 1868, d. Nov 27, 1937, age 68 years, son of Jesse & Elizabeth Hall. Find A Grave Memorial# 87095339.      

Hall, Katy Lee (Corathers), b. Mar 29, 1885, d. Jun 14, 1941, daughter of Lee and Josephine Corathers.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87095396.

Harris, Mable, b. Jul 25, 1910, d. Mar 25, 1913, daughter of Frank Harris. Find A Grave Memorial# 87095536.    

Haskell, Jessie, b. Sep 8, 1942, d. Nov 16, 2001.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87095558.

Haskett, Gloria Dean, b. Nov 14, 1951, d. Mar 16, 2004. Find A Grave Memorial# 87096758.

Hewitt, A (Mrs.) (Buck), b. 1884, d. May 19, 1918, daughter of William & Mahalia (Batts) Buck. Find A Grave Memorial# 87095603.

Hewitt, Alger, b. Apr 7, 1911, d. Mar 26, 1927, daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth (Batts) Hewitt. Find A Grave Memorial# 87095632.

Hewitt, Arthur, b. circa 1883, d. Aug 13 , 1923. Find A Grave Memorial# 87098701.

Hewitt, Bessie B., b. Oct 8, 1914, d. Feb 1, 1930, daughter of A. & Birdie (Batts) Hewitt.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87098758.

Hewitt, J. D., b. Jan 10, 1906, d. Oct 10, 1924, son of James & Martha (Petty) Hewitt. Find A Grave Memorial# 87099435.

Hewitt, J. T., b. Feb 28, 1906, d. Mar 9, 1924, son of Arthur & Elizabeth (Batts) Hewitt.       Find A Grave Memorial# 87099573.

Hewitt, Viney, b. circa 1855, d. Dec 23, 1930, age 75 years. Find A Grave Memorial# 87099624.  

Hicks, Annie, b. 1916, Mill Creek, Tx., d. Apr 8, 1918, daughter of Ned & Annie (Batts) Hicks.   Find A Grave Memorial# 87099686.

Hicks, Ned, b. 1877, d. Apr 11, 1958, son of Ned Hicks. Find A Grave Memorial# 87099742.

Houston, Elisa (Ellerson), b. circa 1876, d. Jan 21, 1927, daughter of John Ellerson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87099817.                                                      

Houston, Melvin, b. Aug 8, 1899, d. Jul 4, 1975, son of Rev. John Houston. Find A Grave Memorial# 87099865.                                                             

Houston, Mrs., (no dates). Find A Grave Memorial# 87099912.       

Jackson, Hallie, b. Jan 1, 1926, d. Dec 12, 1971, age 45 years, son of Hal & Mable (Matthews) Jackson.    Find A Grave Memorial# 87100017.                          

Jackson, Harvey, b. Apr 30, 1930, d. Jul 19, 1982. Find A Grave Memorial# 87100069.

Jackson, Jim, b. Apr 12, 1871, d. Jun 4, 1948.            Find A Grave Memorial# 87106932.                                                  

Jackson, Mable, b. Sep 9, 1900, d. Jun 9, 1951, daughter of Alfe & Irene (Jones) Mathis.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87100147.

Jackson, Susie, b. Oct 1898, d. Aug 1994. Find A Grave Memorial# 87101244.

Jenkins, Kenneth F., b. Mar 10, 1957, d. Oct 29, 1957, son of Perry & Lillian (McGregor) Jenkins. Find A Grave Memorial# 87107744.

Johnson, Virginia (Atkinson), b. Jan 2, 1912, d. Feb 24, 1929, wife of Adam Johnson, daughter of William & Mary (Ross) Atkinson. Find A Grave Memorial#     87108154.                                          

Leverline, R., (no dates)          . Find A Grave Memorial# 87108227.

Lott, LaKena Denise, b. Feb 21, 1985, d. Mar 20, 2009.

Lott, Rosie, b. 1935, d. 2006. Find A Grave Memorial# 87115713.                                                                                      

Mathis, Governor, b. May 15, 1892, d. Apr 15, 1964, son of Alif & Susie Renia (Jones) Johnson.   

Mathis, Hattie, (no dates). Find A Grave Memorial# 87108277.                                                                                            

Mathis, Hattie (McBride), b. Jul 18, 1892, d. Aug 3, 1962, daughter of Sam & Velio (Jell) McBride.

Mathis, Leroy, b. Oct 14, 1912, d. Oct 13, 2003, husband of Rosie Lee Mathis. Find A Grave Memorial# 87110597.                                   

Mathis, Rasberry, b. Mar 14, 1927, d. Mar 15, 1937. Find A Grave Memorial# 87111077.                                                                          

Mathis, Rathis, (no dates). Find A Grave Memorial# 87111541.                                                                                                                               

Mathis, Rosie Lee, b. Apr 15, 1918, d. May 28, 2001, wife of Leroy Mathis. Find A Grave Memorial# 87111674.                         

Mathis, Sam, b. and d. Feb 12, 1933, son of John & Mary Ada (Lockett) Mathis.     

Mathis, Susan Renia “Irene” (Jones), b. 1862, d. Feb 5, 1947.           

Mathis, Tom, b. and d. Jan 13, 1934, son of John & Mary Ada (Lockett) Mathis.    Find A Grave Memorial# 87112007.

Matthews, Alfred, b. 1862, d. Nov 16, 1922. Find A Grave Memorial# 87112070.

Matthews, Sarah, b. circa 1897, d. Jun 4, 1930, daughter of Alfred & Mary (Brooks) Matthews. Find A Grave Memorial# 87112158.

Matthis, Ralph Rasberry, b. Oct 9, 1891, d. Feb 4, 1964, son of Albert & Mary Pool (Brooks) Mathis. Find A Grave Memorial# 87112256.

McGregor, Bertha (McClain), b. Apr 21, 1908, d. Mar 20, 1988.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87112328, photo.                                                               

McGregor, Betty Joyce., b. Aug 10, 1934, d. Jun 2, 1946, daughter of Seymour & Bertha (McClain) McGregor. Find A Grave Memorial# 87114342, photo.

McGregor, David, Sr., b. 1951, d. 2008. Find A Grave Memorial# 87114961.

McGregor, Geneva, b. 1930, d. 1956.Find A Grave Memorial# 87114651, photo.

McGregor, Geneva Lee, b. May 14, 1930, d. Aug 2, 1957, daughter of Seymour & Bertha (McClain) McGregor.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87114727.                      

McGregor, Joe, b. Dec 1893, d. Jun 26, 1954, son of Malcome & Mathilda (Commings) McGregor. Find A Grave Memorial# 87115133.                        

McGregor, Larkins, b. Dec 1907, b. May 3, 1956. Find A Grave Memorial# 87115209.

McGregor, Larkins, b. Dec 17, 1875, d. May 3, 1958, son of Malcome & Matilda (Cummings) McGregor.   Find A Grave Memorial# 87115292.              

McGregor, Malcom, (no dates).           Find A Grave Memorial# 87115337, photo.                                                                           

McGregor, Mathilda (Cummings), b. July 11, 1864, d. Jan 10, 1942, daughter of Charlie & Malinda Cummings.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87115631, photo.

McGregor, Seymohr, Jr., b. May 23, 1937, d. Jun 1981.         Find A Grave Memorial# 87116029.                                                                                      

McGregor, Seymour, Sr., b. Apr 15, 1905, d. Jun 22, 1986. Find A Grave Memorial# 87116180, photo.                                                                

McGregor, Tennssee, b. Dec 11, 1901, d. Feb 4, 1964, daughter of Malcolm & Mathilda (Cummings) McGregor.    Find A Grave Memorial# 87116840, photo.           

Mitchell, Gabrial, b. Jul 4, 1968, d. Jul 7, 1968, son of Linda Mitchell. Find A Grave Memorial# 87117441.

Moten, Ella, b. 1921, d. 2008

Murray, Lillie Mae, b. Oct 31, 1941, d. Apr 28, 2009.

Neely, Willie Mae (Dickinson), b. Nov 11, 1925, d. Nov 24, 1972, daughter of Willie Mack & Lena (Ford) Dickinson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87117778.  

Nunn, Bettie, b. 1878, d. Jun 8, 1917, daughter of Sam & Challott (Nemore) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87246384.

Nunn, Carrie, b. circa 1900, d. Jul 11, 1917, daughter of Sam & Sharlot (Nemore) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87283857.

Nunn, Clarence, b. Nov 7, 1904, d. Nov 12, 1987. Find A Grave Memorial# 87285605.

Nunn, Eduard, b. Jun 20, 1934, d. Feb 8, 1944, son of Richard & Ella Mae (McBride) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87285752.

Nunn, Issaac, b. Sep 23, 1911, d. Jul 5, 1993, husband of Maggie (Bell) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87285826.                                                            

Nunn, Olivia, b. Dec 8, 1888, d. Sep 10, 1990.           Find A Grave Memorial# 87285909.                                                  

Nunn, Richard, b. Mar 17, 1896, d. Aug 26, 1945, Texas Pvt. 331 Labor Bn., OMC, WW I, son of Sid & Lucy Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286007.  

Nunn, Rufus, b. Dec 25, 1900, d. Oct 20, 1943, son of Sid & Ruthie (Thomas) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286129.                                                      

Nunn, Sam, b. circa 1846, d. Feb 15, 1919, son of Harry Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286271.

Nunn, Viola (Norton), b. 1896, d. Mar 21, 1921, daughter of Jim & Linda (Hicks) Norton. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286695.

Palmore, Matilda (McGarrett), b. circa 1847, d. Jul 11, 1939, daughter of Emond & Rose (Thomas) McGarrett. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286801.  

People, Mary, b. Feb 8, 1870, d. Jan 2, 1943, daughter of Hattie Biley. Find A Grave Memorial# 87286944                                                                       

People, William, b. Aug 15, 1866, d. May 29, 1934, husband of Mary J. People, son of Robin & Eliza (Shelby) People. Find A Grave Memorial# 87287031.  

Peoples, Wm, Jr., b. Oct 11, 1902, d. Sep 10, 1921. Find A Grave Memorial# 87287109.                                                   

Polk, Charlie, b. circa 1873, d. Mar 15, 1926, son of Charlie & Sarah (Brooks) Polk. Find A Grave Memorial# 87287221.

Polk, Rasamer (Johnson), b. circa 1857, d. Aug 6, 1925, daughter of Ben Johnson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87287292.

Pullins, George Ann, b. (no date), d. Mar 16, 1925, daughter of Armstead Fitch.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87287376.

Punchard, Mary E. “Sister” (Smoots) , b. Oct 2, 1898, d. May 4, 1931, daughter of Joe & Lottie (Wilson) Smoots.   Find A Grave Memorial# 87288004.  

Ray, Donnie, (no dates), son of Myrtle Ray. Find A Grave Memorial# 87287790.

Ray, Dorothy Deloris, b. Jul 20, 1937, d. Nov 7, 1937, daughter of Lonnie & Myrtle (Seidel) Ray.   Find A Grave Memorial# 87287878.

Ray, Lillie, b. Apr 20, 1921, d. Jul 1, 1988, wife of Sterling Ray.       Find A Grave Memorial# 87288143.                                                

Ray, Myrtle S., b. Nov 14, 1908, d. May 10, 1954 (1956), daughter of Raleigh & Ida (McGregor) Seidel.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87288202.                          

Ray, Peggy, b. Jun 17, 1948, d. Feb 14, 1968, daughter of Lonnie & Myrtle (Seidel) Ray.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87288288.                  

Ray, Sterling, b. Jan 22, 1920, d. Mar 27, 1991, husband of Lillie Ray. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288418.

Richardson, Cora (Hughes), b. Jul 29, 1874, d. Dec 27, 1955, daughter of Taylor & Melvina (Johnson) Hughes. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288496.

Richardson, Jack, b. circa 1861, d. Jan 14, 1944, son of Bob Richardson.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87288549.

Robertson, Lula, b. circa 1880, d. Nov 29, 1930, age 50 years. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288602.                                                                      

Ross, Sallie (Atkinson), b. Jul 16, 1892, d. Mar 10, 1946, daughter of Joe & Miltilda (Miller) Atkinson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288679.                                    

Sanders, Jack, b. Oct 12, 1944, d. Oct 27, 1973, son of Brockman Earl, Sr., & Malvina (Williams) Sanders. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288760.              

Scott, Bobbie, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87288799.                                        

Scott, Ella Mae, b. May 18, 1981, d. Sep 30, 1984. Find A Grave Memorial# 87288847.                                                                 

Scott, Sam, (no dates or marker)          . Find A Grave Memorial# 87288891.                                                                                                                                   

Seidel, Charlie b. Jan 20, 1910/1911, d. Feb 21, 1980, husband of Willie Mae Seidel, Pfc US Army, WWII, son of Raleigh & Ida (McGregor) Seidel. Find A       Grave Memorial# 87288937.

Seidel, Ida J., b. 1915, d. 1939.           Find A Grave Memorial# 87288974.

Seidel, Ida M., b. May 8, 1882, d. Jul 29, 1951, daughter of Malcolm & Mateldia (Cumming) McGregor.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87289072.              

Seidel, Lolan Max, b. Feb 10, 1917, d. Jan 8, 1966, son of Raleigh & Ida Seidel.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87289161.                                          

Seidel, Mary, b. Dec 4, 1844, d. Oct 17, 1929, mother was B. Hailie. Find A Grave Memorial# 87362664.

Seidel, Maxwell., (no dates or marker).           Find A Grave Memorial# 87362812.                                                                          

Seidel, Raleigh, b. Dec 4, 1881, d. Nov 19, 1965, son of Isaac & Mary (Hortin) Seidel. Find A Grave Memorial# 87362948.                                          

Seidel, Willie Ida, b. Mar 15, 1914, d. Apr 8, 1939, daughter of Raleigh & Ida (McGregor) Seidel. Find A Grave Memorial# 87363113.           

Seidel, Willie Mae, b. Sep 16, 1907, d. Jul 20, 1997, wife of Charlie Seidel. Find A Grave Memorial# 87363226.              

Shields, Gussie (Atkinson), b. Mar 6, 1903 d. Mar 18,1943, daughter of Amanda Atkinson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87363328.

Small, Jim, b. Apr 10, 1880, d. Jun 27, 1962, son of Jim & Mary (Brooks) Small.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87363421.

Smoots, Beatrice, (no dates or marker).           Find A Grave Memorial# 87363484.

Smoots, Fred, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87363537       .                                                                      

Smoots, Joe, Sr., b. Sep 25, 1868, d. May 2, 1909, husband of Lottie Cleo Smoots. Find A Grave Memorial# 87363613.                              

Smoots, Lottie Cleo, b. Dec 3, 1872, d. Sep 20, 1940, wife of Joe Smoots, Sr, daughter of George & Mary Eliza (Jackson) Wilson.        Find A Grave             Memorial# 87363726.

Smoots, Mary, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87363785.                                                   

Taylor, Carrine, b. Sep 30, 1918, d. Dec 6, 1974.       Find A Grave Memorial# 87363903, Photo.                         

Thomas, Bill, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87364284.

Thomas, Carolyn Jean, b. Feb. 18, 1951, d. Sep 26, 1957, daughter of Ralph & Hattie Mae (Hickey) Thomas. Find A Grave Memorial# 87364391.             

Thomas, Fannie, (no dates or marker).            Find A Grave Memorial# 87364534.

Thomas, Freddie Lee, b. Aug 23, 1939, d. Jun 2, 1956, son of Ira & Leola (Ford) Thomas. Find A Grave Memorial# 87364653.                                          

Thomas, James Ira, Sr., b. Aug 9, 1918, d. Nov 21, 1946, husband of Leola (Ford) Thomas, son of Karie & Ada (McLean) Thomas. Find A Grave      Memorial# 87364769.

Thomas, Lela (McLean), b. (no date), d. Mar 27, 1956, daughter of Solomon & Mary (McGregor) McLean. Find A Grave Memorial# 87364880.

Thomas, Leola (Ford), b. Nov 26, 1918, d. Nov 6, 1998, wife of James Ira Thomas, Sr. Find A Grave Memorial# 87365012.

Thomas, Nora , b. circa 1906, d. Feb 9, 1929, daughter of Major & Martha (Ray) Edmond, (no marker).      Find A Grave Memorial# 87365302.

Thomas, Rob, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87365368.                                                                                                                

Thomas, Robert, b. Jan 26, 1863, d. Apr 5, 1943, son of Buck Thomas.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87365463.                                                  

Thomas, Ruthie, b. Sep 5, 1874, d. Sep 15 1956, daughter of Molers & Memlinda (Atkinson) Palmore. Find A Grave Memorial# 87365614.

Thomas, Selo, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87365668.

Turner, McKinley, b. Aug 29, 1929, d. Feb 22, 2010.                                   

V., R. (fieldstone only, initials V. R. and January 25.)                                                                                   

Waits, William, b. Feb 13, 1896, d. Dec 10, 1947, Texas Pvt , 155 Depot Brig, WW I. Find A Grave Memorial# 87385578.

Waller, Jessie, (no dates visible). Find A Grave Memorial# 87385659, Photo.                                                                      

Watson, Dennis, b. May 9, 1953, d. Jul 30, 1975, husband of Bernice (Ray) Watson, son of Lonnie, Jr., & Birdie (Taplin) Watson.          Find A Grave Memorial#        87385849.                  

Watson, Elva (McClan), b. Feb 15, 1904, d. Jan 10, 1966, daughter of Joe & Jane (Born) McClan.  Find A Grave Memorial# 87386039.

Watson, Frank, b. 1872, d. Jul 6, 1928, married Olevia “Leivy” Smith Aug 10, 1901, son of Jeffy & Mary (Polk) Watson,

            father of Booker T., Ira, & Lonnie Watson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87386191.

Watson, Ira, Jr., b. 1924, d. Oct 15, 1966, husband of Toby (Solomon) Watson, son of Ira, Sr. & Elva (McClain) Watson.           Find A Grave Memorial# 87386312.

Watson, Ira, Sr., b. (no date), d. Jun 16, 1968, son of Frank Watson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87386692.

Watson, Jack, (no dates or marker). Find A Grave Memorial# 87426655.                                                                                        

Watson, Jinkins, b. Jan 1, 1898, d. Dec 6, 1965, son of Frank & Olivia (Brown) Watson.      Find A Grave Memorial# 87426755.

Watson, Johnnie, b. Mar 29, 1927, d. Oct 25, 1971, son of Ira & Elva (McClain) Watson.     Find A Grave Memorial# 87426807.                              

Watson, Lonnie, b. May 18, 1903, d. Dec 23, 1967, married Mary Eliza Gentry Aug 26, 1926, son of Frank & Olevia “Leivy” (Smith) Watson. Find A Grave           Memorial# 87426886.

Watson, Mary Eliza (Gentry), b.1900, d. 1998, wife of Lonnie Watson, daughter of Mettie Gentry. Find A Grave Memorial# 87426947.

Watson, Olevia “Leivy” (Smith), b. Mar 31, 1875, d. Oct 7, 1959, wife of Frank Watson, mother of Booker T., Ira, & Lonnie Watson, daughter of Rosie Smith.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87427016.

Watts, Matida, b. 1897, d. 1966.          Find A Grave Memorial# 87427053, photo.

Watts, Matilda, b. Sep 6, 1914, d. Aug 31, 1966, daughter of Sed & Ruthie (Thomas) Nunn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427243.                              

Watts Willie, b. Feb 13, 1895, d. Dec 10, 1947, Tex Pvt. 155th Depot Brigade WWI, husband of Matilda Watts, son of Simon Watts. Find A Grave    Memorial# 87427313.                        

Wheatly, Pearl (White), b. July 30, 1898, d. Feb 15, 1925, daughter of Perry & Sina (Hicks) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427387.                        

White, Ernest, b. Apr 22, 1904, d. Jul 14, 1966, son of Perry & Sieney (Hiske) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427475.

White, Ernest James, b. Feb 10, 1952, d. Dec 29, 1974, son of Jim & Cevera (Atkins) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427547.                                          

White, Georgia May, b. and d. Feb 22, 1931, daughter of I. T. & Lillie May (Hall) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427618.

White, Gladys, b. Jun 4, 1922, d. Jan 26, 1923, daughter of John & Melissia (Lewis) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427670.

White, I. T., b. Jan 8, 1907, d. Jul 11, 1941, son of Perry & Sennie (Hicks) White.    Find A Grave Memorial# 87427720.      

White, I. T., Jr., b. Mar 3, 1928, d. Mar 3, 1928, son of I. T. & Lillie Mae (Hall) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427800.

White, Infant, b. and d. Dec 25, 1928, daughter of Perry & Lillie Mae (Hall) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427878.

White, Infant, b. and d. Sep 23, 1932, daughter of I. T. & Lillie Mae (Hall) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87427934.

White, Jim, (no dates).Find A Grave Memorial# 87427992.                                                                                      

White, Jim, Sr., b. Sep 28, 1914, d. Jun 19, 1974, son of Perry & Sinnie (Hicks) White. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428051.                                          

White, Perry, b. Sep 13, 1850, d. Jan 8, 1933, mother was Easter McKinney. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428115.                                   

White, Severa, (no dates). Find A Grave Memorial# 87428177.

White, Sinmie (Allcorn), b. circa 1877, d. Mar 4, 1932, daughter of Judge Allcorn. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428225.

White, Sinnie, b. 1861, d. 1939.          Find A Grave Memorial# 87428262, photo.                                                                                      

White, Tunk, (no dates). Find A Grave Memorial# 87428378.

Whitfield, Eddie, Jr., b. Dec 28, 1928, d, Aug 25, 1971, (age 42 years), husband of Louise (Armstead) Whitfield, [married Jan 30, 1963],

            son of Eddie, Sr. & Ida Mae (Ross) Whitfield. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428494.

Whitfield, Eddie, Sr. b. Jul 4, 1911, d. Apr 19, 1972, husband of Ida Mae (Ross) Whitfield, [married September 26, 1926]. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428574.

Whitfield, Lena (Ford), d. May 10, 1886, d. Nov 11, 1972, [Mother], daughter of Andy & Jane (Mingle) Ford. Find A Grave Memorial# 87428778.              

Williams, Infant, b. Apr 18, 1924, d. Apr 18, 1924, daughter of Porter Barnes & Pearly Williams.    Find A Grave Memorial# 87428836.

Williams, Willie, b.Jan 1, 1914, d. Jun 24, 1966.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87428877, photo.             

Wilson, Frisco, b. Jul 4, 1914, d. Dec 12, 1980, USArmy WWII.        Find A Grave Memorial# 87428977.

Wilson, Georgia Ann, b. Jan 28, 1886, d. May 16, 1978, wife of Isaiah Wilson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429040.

Wilson, Isaiah, b. Dec 6, 1880, d. Jul 31, 1935, husband of Georgia Ann Wilson, son of Mary Hackett. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429096.            

Wilson, Johnnie, b. Apr 14, 1907, d. Jan 17, 1974, son of Jim & Martha (Robinson) Wilson.  Find A Grave Memorial# 87429162.

Wilson, Kinch C., b. Sep 23, 1919, d. Dec 10, 1965,Texas Cpl. 207 AAA, AW, BN, GAC, WW II. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429242.                        

Wilson, Luke, b. Feb 17, 1918, d. Jul 16, 1918, son of Isaiah & George Ann (Jackson) Wilson.  Find A Grave Memorial# 87429304.

Wilson, Mary, b. Mar 15, 1876, d. Jun 1, 1918, daughter of John & Mary (Hackey) Wilson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429369.

Wilson, Mary E., b. Oct 1, 1847, d. Aug 24, 1918, daughter of Jerry & Scharlet (Goodwin) Jackson. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429430.

Wilson, Matilda (Powell), b. Jul 3, 1916, d. Nov 28, 1976, daughter of W. O. & Martha (Atkinson) Powell. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429593, photo.

Wilson, Sedalia E., b. Oct 17, 1904, d. Aug 19, 1979. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429504.                                                                                                

Wilson, Woodrow, b. Dec 1, 1921, d. Mar 17, 1988, Pvt. US Army Air Corps, WW II. Find A Grave Memorial# 87429698.